Advises for solving strings problems and algorithms

  • Change the way you’re doing the loop if you face a problem in reaching the first and/or the last character.
  • If you want to compare each two adjacent characters then it’s better to start with a loop with counter = 0.
  • It is not always about adding new items to the result objects, sometimes think about starting with a full object ad then to remove some items from it.
  • Change your location or do something when you reach a point when you cannot find the error and you feel like it’s so silly.
  • Organize your work by writing separated method for each task that you specify in your algorithm.
  • Write the sample case on a paper or on a board and try to solve it and do all the statements and loops manually. Then translate what you did by writing steps. Then translate these steps into an application steps.
  • Use long and double for the numbers when expecting big inputs.
  • If you have to find at least one common letter in two string arrays, it’s better to do the loop on an array that contains all the English letters.