Problem (Connection Error) in Flash Player installation

After installing Flash Player I’ve faced problems like not being able to download EXEs through any browser, and not having (connection error) during the installation of Flash Player. All the following steps are not working except the green ones:

  • Stop antivirus – not working
  • Stop firewall – not working
  • Stop network attack blocker in Kaspersky – helped in download small exe package only.
  • Run as administrator – not working
  • Enabling ports 443, 80, 1935 inbound and outbound from firewall.
  • Enable 1935 port for UDP – not working
  • In logs at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\Adobe_ADMLogs I found error numbered 12175. which means (WinINet failed to perform content decoding on the response).
  • Added the program to firewall in-out roles – not working.
  • Close the browser and be sure that it’s not running task manager.
  • Run chkdsk in a hope to get rid of error 12175 as some forms advice – Not working.
  • Connected to other internet connection – Not working.
  • Went to (Manage applications) in Kaspersky settings >> Application Control >> Manage applications >> Choose Kaspersky installation >> Double click >> exclusions >> Check all of them.
  • And I did the same for Flash player updating service and flash player.